Benefits of massage

massage, head massage

A full body massage is done from head to toe. This how it goes, it starts from the head to the neck and shoulders. It then moves to the arms and lastly the legs. After the legs, the massager asks you to turn over. He does the back of your feet and finally the back for about 20 minutes. A full body massage relaxes the brain, spirit and body muscles. The warm quiet and comfortable environment under which the massage is conducted plays a vital role in relaxing all parts of the body. Below are some of the benefits of body massage.

massage, leg massageBenefits of body massage

  • Releases tension and stress from the mind. A massage goes for either 60 or 90 minutes. Many people are asleep by the time the massage period is done. This is because massage gives the body full relaxation.
  • Reduces body muscle tension. Due to different reasons, the body muscles get tightened. Such results in joint pains. The pain from the joints spreads to the muscles in the surrounding. A full body massage reduces the tension and pain in the joints hence doing away with the tension in the muscles too.
  • Improves blood circulation. If the blood is circulating properly, damaged tissues heal faster because nutrients and other important components of the blood reach all parts of the body.
  • Improves ones general health. You will find relief from a common illness like high blood pressure, depression, indigestion, infertility, back pains and sleep disorders.
  • Gives you a glowing skin. With increased and proper blood circulation, the skin lightens and gets this healthy glow.
  • massage, back painImproves body posture. Due to inactivity, some connective tissues become tight and rigid. This can result in poor body posture. A full body massage helps to soften such tissues. Off course results are seen after some massages. Do not expect results after the first visit.
  • Increases flexibility. Tight muscles will be made loose. The adhesion of the ligaments, tendons, and the joint is broken. This way you will become flexible.
  • Gives a boost to your workout. After a massage, you will be able to work out better. This is because the body becomes flexible and more active.
  • Reduces anxiety. As earlier mentioned, many people sleep during a massage session. This means one thing, the body is fully relaxed, and one forgets all their stress and anxiety at the moment.
  • Relieves migraines, headaches, and tension. This is because of the proper blood circulation.